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Semi di Lino Scalp Has Arrived

We’re excited. Like really excited!

We can now share the news with you: we now stock Semi di Lino Scalp Range in salon and online !


Scalp is the Semi Di Lino range dedicated to balancing the scalp, which helps restore the skin’s natural wellness and to revitalize the hair, starting from the root.


Our Semi di Lino Scalp range has been relaunched with the brilliant ingredients in all our other Semi di Lino ranges but with some little extras:

Benefits of Renew Products:

  • Increase in hair density x 8
  • 95% of people notice the increase in hair thickness
  • Contains Mircobiotic system for scalp balance
  • Contains Biorenew Complex which is a blend of natural ingredients that prolong the life of the follicle and increase its vitality.

Benefits of Rebalance Purifying Products:

  • 100% of people noticed a substantial reduction in danduff
  • Contains all of Renews amazing ingredients
  • Contains Pure-Set Complex which help to fight scalp peeling.

Benefits of Rebalance Products:

  • 13% less reduction in scalp oiliness
  • Contains Microbiotic System for scalp balance
  • Contains Sebonorm Complex to rebalance active ingredients to reduce oil on the scalp by targeting the pores.

Benefits of Relief Products:

  • 95% of people notice a reduction in tingling and redness
  • Instant calming effect
  • Contains Derma Comfort Complex which is Italian caper extract to regain comfort of the scalp
  • Contains Microbiotic System for scalp balance

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